* WI-IAT 2023 Awards *

- WI-IAT 2023 Best Paper -

“Into the Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships from Diachronic Documents:
Text-based Temporal Social Network Construction”
Chieh Yu Lee, Christian Henriot, Hua-Yuan Hsueh, Jyi-Shane Liu, and Hen-Hsen Huang

- WI-IAT 2023 Best Student Papers -

“Proposing a new security game with reward and penalty”
Riku Yoshioka, Yuko Sakurai, Satoshi Oyama, and Masato Shinoda

“HGExplainer: Explainable Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network”
Grzegorz P. Mika, Amel Bouzeghoub, Katarzyna Węgrzyn-Wolska, and Yessin Neggaz

“In-Training Explainability Frameworks: A Method to Make Black-Box Machine Learning Models More Explainable”
Cagla Acun and Olfa Nasraoui

“Multi-channel Graph Neural Networks with Contrastive Learning for Social Recommendation”
Ping Liu and Jian Yang

- WI-IAT 2023 Outstanding Reviewers -

Ismail Badache, Nick Bassiliades, Francesco Busolin, Chen Ding, Schahram Dustdar,
Nicola Fanizzi, Liam Hebert, Federico Marcuzzi, Pedro Olmo Stancioli Vaz De Melo, Cristina Muntean,
George Pallis, Alessandra Raffaetà, Valentin Siegert, Wenting Song, Alberto Veneri, Felix Wortmann

- WI-IAT 2023 Recognition of Service -

Alberto Veneri, Francesco Busolin, Giulia Rovinelli, Giorgia Minello, Federico Marcuzzi

- WI-IAT 2023 Volunteer Award -

Francesco Busolin
Hongzhi Kuai

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper and Student Paper Award recognises authors of the best papers accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 2023 International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT '23). A paper is considered a student paper if the lead author is a student according to the information provided through the paper submission system.

Papers will be shortlisted based on reviewer scores. The Selection Panel will make a decision on the Award based on the reviewers'comments and scores and the Panel's own reading of the papers. The recipients of the Award will receive a certificate commemorating their achievement. The prize and certificate will be presented at the best paper award ceremony.